White Paper: Risks & Rewards of Non-Prime Auto Lending

While non-prime lending can offer attractive returns and expand consumer credit choices, it involves elevated levels of credit and other risks.  Credit unions must engage in such lending cautiously.  The management team must do comprehensive due diligence and have a well-developed business plan that acknowledges the increased risk levels, allocates the necessary resources, and establishes the controls necessary to manage the risks.

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Enhancing Credit Union Income: 

The biggest challenge facing credit unions today is deciding what type of lending they should be doing.  Almost all credit unions do secured “prime” loans to borrowers that every other credit union and bank are trying to attract.  The issue is that the yield they are receiving from these prime loans is not enough to provide the credit union with an adequate return as their cost of funds continue to rise.  The competition for deposits is fierce and credit unions are having a difficult time attracting deposits, let alone retaining them.  Members are constantly searching for higher deposit rates and are finding them outside the credit union world

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Press Releases


New Lending Solutions Company Formed in San Diego, CA


San Diego, California April 2, 2007.  Frank Mercer,Chief Executive Officer,  announced the formation of CU Lending Solutions LLC, a Delaware limited liability company in San Diego, California. CU Lending Solutions will provide a proprietary non-prime indirect loan program to credit unions nationally to rapidly solve their desire to provide financing for the underserved auto loan customer in their respective areas. The company's goal is to educate and train credit union consumer lending employees to better understand the non-prime indirect auto loan process with the emphasis on quality and not quantity.

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CU Lending Solutions Has Partnered With the FCUL Service Group, Inc.


San Diego, California April 2, 2007 - In an effort to meet the challenge of non-prime auto lending, CU Lending Solutions has partnered with the FCUL Service Group, Inc.  “We have always been dedicated to providing our credit unions with the highest quality products and services, and our partnership with CU Lending Solutions allows us to assist our credit unions by putting controls in place that will allow them to serve a non-prime member with an accurate reflection of risk,” says Keith Hopkins, VP Business Development, FCUL Service Group. 

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CU Lending Solutions Opens New Offices in Irvine, CA and Tampa, FL


Irvine, California May 1, 2007 -  Frank Mercer, Chief Executive Officer, announced the opening of, CU Lending Solutions LLC, office in Tampa, Florida.  The Tampa office located at 3001 North Rocky Point Drive East, Suite 200, Tampa, Fl. 33607 will service our credit union and finance company partners.



Monica Haupt Joins CU Lending Solutions LLC.


Irvine, California May 1, 2007 -  Frank Mercer, Chief Executive Officer, announced that long time business associate Monica Haupt has joined him at CU LENDING SOLUTIONS LLC. Monica assumes an equity ownership and will hold the position of Chief Operating Officer.  She will work from the company’s corporate office located at 7545 Irvine Center Drive, Suite 200, Irvine, Ca. 92618 (949-623-8429). “I am very pleased that Monica is joining our organization.  She brings with her a vast amount of indirect lending experience which will prove to be valuable to our credit union partners”.

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